6 Super Butt Targets 48" x 37" x 15" 6 Sheds Kit ...... FREE SHIPPING

$ 30.00



Pacific Bow Butts Super Butt Archery Target is the #1 Outdoor Range Target for all Organizations and Municipal Archery Ranges. The "Super" Butt Target has a proven track record over 15 years saving ranges maintenance time and replacement costs. This target is a solid one piece unit with 3 core levels that provide unmatched integrity over its counterparts.  We've changed our popular 4 quadrant 5 spot face to our NEW 12 - 7" targets on one side and 4 - 14" targets opposite side.  We've added a thicker more durable cover 8 oz woven polypropylene. Having a flat shooting surface allows affixing all styles of target faces coupled with perfect arrow definition for scoring. No arrow sags or jogs.  The Super Butt Target is available in 32" - 48" heights. Listed quantity above is for 48" height.  Targets without sheds     More info

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