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 Pacific Bow Butts Inc. is the proud maker of one of the most durable and low maintenance archery targets systems available anywhere. Our archery target systems have the unique benefits of outlasting, and outperforming other more traditional archery backstop systems, providing you with greater savings in replacement costs, PERIOD!!   Contact Us so we can build a range for you.

We sell both indoor archery targets and target face backstops and outdoor archery range targets for archery clubs, recreational parks, and backyard archery ranges.

Here are some good reasons for making us your archery target supply source:

  • Satisfied customers Nationwide and Canada.
  • Huge cost savings thanks to our low maintenance and extremely durable design.
  • Durability, our archery backstops out last the competition, 2x  than excelsior archery range targets, layered foam, cubes and bag archery targets, layered board and cardboard.
  • Check these test results for our archery backstop.
  • 250,000+ shots per PBB 48  and  Super Butt Archery Targets!
  • Easy arrow removal.
  • Field points only. Broadheads some exceptions.
  • Regular Bows and Cross Bows!
  • 400+ fps, No problem for these archery backstops!
  • Custom widths available for indoor archery target dimension requirements or existing outdoor archery backstop structures.
  • No messy synthetic debris to constantly clean up, saving you time & money.