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Archery Targets

We’ve helped many archers and bowhunters alike who decided having their own home range. The following suggestions and installations have a history of success. Targets represent a substantial investment. Your range location and style dictates proper target backstops and installation. Our targets are engineered to provide the maximum of service and cost effectiveness. Proper care can/will add years of service to your targets.

Personal use archery targets that are available at most sporting outlets and pro shops are designed for the occasional bow shooter who shoots their bow maybe 500 shots per year, most likely just before hunting season. Then there are many who like to shoot year round that need higher quality archery targets, this includes youths as well.

Archery targets should be manufactured to your specific style of archery. Period. There are too many discrepancies between bow draw weights and arrow sizes to think “ One Target Fits All”. NO WAY!! This is especially true today with so many archery styles from bowhunter to youth NASP and everything in-between. Each style needs its own archery target for maximum performance.

Those new to archery who've joined school archery classes or those who have been inspired from TV show or the movie Hunger Games need a large size target. Most newbies are intimidated by small size targets available for practice at camps, schools and archery lessons. For this reason we offer our Youth 42/Traditional. The 42 inch height and 36 inch width makes for confident shooting. This target will stand alone with a built in rod stand. Target area has 16 – 3" diameter target spots with scoring rings on one side and 80 cm target on opposite side. The flat shooting surface allows affixing all styles of target faces.

Many bowhunters are shooting longer distances at animals, due to faster bows and small less wind resistant arrows. You bowhunters need our style of archery targets. Crossbow targets need to be as rugged as crossbows appear. High speeds and heavy arrows points towards hard hitting. We have what you’ve been looking for in this style for Crossbow Targets. 

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