Whitetail Deer 3-D Target
$ 514.00

Whitetail Deer 3-D Target

6" Replaceable Core

Dimensions: 37"(H) x 58"(L) x 14"(D)

Weight: 42 lbs 

With or without Scoring Rings   Option

Simulated Wt. 250 

Broadheads - Crossbows - Field Points - Expandables

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Pacific Bow Butts Targets are well known for Great Durability for 20 years. Our foam 3-D Archery Targets line is no exception. PBB  "NEW AGE" target foam Poly-U 360. Flexible high tensile strength, self healing foam providing extreme durability with Great arrow removal. We use it throughout your entire 3-D Target not just the shoot zone area.  UV Weatherized to prevent premature decay. 
We have the BEST foam archery targets in the industry today!