NEW for 2018 3-D TARGETS
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Standing Sheep 3-D Target

You, the Bowhunter deserve supreme quality when needed during 3-D Target practicing to ready yourself for that one shot in life at your trophy animal. Pacific Bow Butts (PBB) 3-D Targets will fulfill your desired need, just as we have with our other line of targets for 20 years. You will be amazed by PBB self-healing properties that lead to unmatched durability coupled with our unique Draw Speed Ratio that allows extreme easy removal of your arrow no matter what your draw weight /arrow combination ratio presents.  PBB self-healing foam is used throughout your entire target so, when you miss the sweet spot you’ll be able to remove your arrow with ease no matter where your arrow ends up in your target.  PBB foam is the end results from years of testing by no-other than bowhunters themselves.  These same bowhunters prefer not to have a replaceable core.  Why? The major consensus has determined that the area around a replaceable core seems to be the most vulnerable from missed core shots. Remember; you are practicing so you will be taking tough shots until you dial in, slamming area other than the core itself.  The multitude of missed shots around the core area tends to weaken these areas severely that will eventually lead to a broken target. Therefore we supply you with a DIY repair kit when the time comes for a single repair FREE.  Your kit is easy to use with simple instruction and you’ll save $100’s on replaceable cores and a broken target


Technical Information

 Dimensions: 36" (H) x 58" (L)

 Weight:  55 lbs

 Target Type: 3-D

 Broadhead/Field Point: Field Point

Note:   Due to certain freight restraints we've removed the legs. Easy assembly instructions.