NEW for 2019 3-D TARGETS
Bowsim4D Simulator Package
$ 12,500.00

Bowsim4D Simulator Package

 Package Price  $12,500  

Package Items:

  • Standard Target Wall 75"H x 10' W x 10" D  Self Healing Foam  3 Year Warranty   
  • Custom computer unit with a full software pack
  • State of the art BowSim 4D Sensor that will detect the impact of your arrows.
  • A wireless keyboard and mouse for navigation.
  • A USB extension for shooting from longer distances.
  • Wireless Foot Switch
  • 5500 Lumen Projector

Here are TWENTY (20) reasons why you need this " One of a Kind" simulator.

  1. Number 1 selling Archery Simulator in Europe

  2. Extremely Affordable.
  3. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee (No other simulator offers this).
  4. $40 - $60/ Hour income.   4 – 6 shooter on line at once $10 - $15/hr each.
  5. You can use a Tunnel but not necessary.
  6. Extremely user friendly.
  7. Mobile, Outdoor night shooting with lighted nocks. 
  8. Shooters use their regular arrow fieldpoints
  9. Bowhunters can install their trail cam videos
  10. Crossbow use OK
  11. 100s of games and moving targets to choose from.
  12. Great for leagues. Regional – National – World Cup in Germany 
  13. Great for everyone (youth, novice, experienced)
  14. Increase sales of Bows and other accessories from new customers (Youths)
  15. Easy, one time sensor calibration
  16. Not Internet Driven. If your internet goes down you can still shoot Bowsim4D unit.
  17. Free monthly update content
  18. Proven worldwide system to increase shop traffic. 
  19. Target Wall Guarantee 3 years depending on size.
  20. ARCHERY FUN, FUN, FUN for Everyone

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