$ 575.00

Black Mt Goat 3-D Archery Target

  6" Replaceable Core"

Dimensions: 36 (H) x 55" (L) x 14" (D)  Weight: 44 lbs

Simulated Wt. 175 lbs

With or without Scoring Rings       

Broadheads - Crossbows - Field Points - Expandables

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3-D Target Price List

 Pacific Bow Butts Targets are well known for Great Durability for 20 years. Our 3-D Archery Target line is no exception. PBB  "NEW AGE" target foam Poly-U 360. Flexible high tensile strength, self healing foam providing extreme durability with Great arrow removal. We use it throughout your entire target not just the shoot zone area.  UV Weatherized to prevent premature decay, as well. 

We have the Best foam archery targets in the industry today.