PBB 4 x 4 - 48" x 48" x 15"

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Pacific Bow Butts 4 x 4 Targets are Great for School Indoor Ranges and Home Ranges both Indoor and Outdoor. Excellent for those who like Long Distant Shooting. Each 4 x 4 has 9 - 7" targets on one side  4 - 14" targets opposite side. 3 color combinations to choose from. (Pink available next week)  Inner Core Material will not Decay, Shred, or Ball-up, Bug and Mildew Resistant, Extreme Easy arrow removal. Each 4x4 has it's own platform attached for easy mobility with a small hand truck. Built to last with 2 x 4 framing and 1/2" plywood sides. Framing protected with black UV poly wrap for added weather protection. Replacment covers are available.  If you don't shoot over 10,000 shots annually you won't need a new cover for 3 years. You'll probably only need a new Target Face.  Protect your target from the elements with our unique Target Sheds. available in your prefered color.  $100 Discount if purchased with target order.   Draw wt's from 15 - 70 lb.

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Size:  48" x 48" x 15"

  • Weight:  200lbs

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