NEW for 2019 3-D TARGETS
$ 8,400.00

Indoor Archery Range Target Wall

Our indoor archery range target wall for a typical 20' wide by 48" high range wall will need 22.5 of our 16"h x 32"w x19"d Range Blocks. 

 PBB is sure to revolutionize pro shop's needs for years to come. Our "NEW AGE" Poly U 360 target foam formulation is truly one of a kind in the industry, featuring the highest tensile strength (tearing resistance) of any foam type target.  Having the capacity to rotate segments 6 times  allows using the entire area of each 6 block unit. In addition saves time and cost incurred by reshuffling or adding new sheets or panels. Most 4 x 4 targets utilize only what we call the "shoot zone area" that is the 36" x 36" center portion. The outer 6" sides, top and bottom areas are usually unscathed paid for target area. 

With our unique block layout each  unit the 'Shoot Zone" area can be rotated to edges therefore utilizing entire unit eliminating substantial costs and downtime when adding panels or sheets.

You want the Best. We Have the Best.