NEW for 2019 3-D TARGETS

Standard 4D Target Wall $4,250 Standard XL Target Wall $6,500

Sure Shot Range  Mascoutah, IL

Standard Target Wall   6.3' H x 10.3' W x 10" D   12 Blocks    $4,250                    

Standard XL Target Wall  8.3' H x 13' W x 10" D  20  Blocks    $6,500

 Our Standard Target Wall foam blocks are 25" x 31" x 10" are extremely long-lasting and perfect for all bows and crossbows.  Manufactured using our "New Age"  Poly U 360 self healing foam. Truly one of a kind industry target foam. The highest stencil strength (tear resistant) target foam in the industry.

The Bowsim 4D content has many angle shots were repetitive straight in shots are limited. Our block design is meant for rotating blocks from high use areas to outer edges with less shots. Shooting high draw bows at angle shots are great for lasting integrity of block system.  Two shootable sides of each block increase block life. 

Ranges that prefer to use their 4D target wall for everyday use, leagues and tournaments would need one of our Premium 4D target walls.  Contact for a quote.

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