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Bowsim4D Simulator  $5,500


Bowsim 4D Archery Simulators are rapidly gaining interests here in the U.S.  Archery Pro Shops are installing Bowsim 4D due to its versatile uses for archers and bowhunters alike and to maximize business revenues.

    The German Bowsim Company has specialized in equipment for modern indoor archery ranges. A similar but different approach to the US archery simulator products. With Bowsim 4D however there isn’t any need to modify arrows with blunt tips. The Bowsim unique system allows arrows to shoot into the specialized foam 4D target wall. Another unique feature is allowing crossbow use, that other simulators don’t.

    Bowsim 4D is a complete solution for an add on revenue stream for shooting ranges that offer other types of activities similar to ax throwing, pistol range, air rifle, ect. Sure Shot in Mascoutah, IL has added a Bowsim 4D system to their shop. Check them out for a review.

    Simulator Includes:

    • Custom computer unit with a full software pack
    • State of the art BowSim 4D Sensor that will detect the impact of your arrows.
    • A wireless keyboard and mouse for navigation.
    • A USB extension for shooting from longer distances.
    • Wireless Foot Switch

    Also included

    • A 12-month update guarantee that allows us to send you all new updates and training videos straight to your unit. So your 4D target will provide you with more and more exciting courses each month of operation.
    4D animals not only deliver fabulous training opportunities for archers that love their 3D animals but open a whole new world of possibilities for bowhunters.
    Over 400 scenes with moving games and animals (sample) from around the world are part of your unit at purchase. Regular updates guarantee a minimum of 10 additional once each month.
    These are ranges here in the U.S. that have installed a Bowsim 4D Archery Simulator. Contact them for their reviews.
             1.  Fort Grard Guns and Archery
             2.  Sure Shot
             4.  Game Fair 
             5. Texas Archery Academy
             6. Alvarado Archery,   Alvarado, TX
             7. Laramie County Shooting Sports,   Cheyenne, WY
             8. Nanticoke Sportsman's Club,    Seaford, DE 19973
             9. Uptown Archery and Shooting Sports  Beaverton, MI
           10. Jesse Fiske, LLC   Waterford, PA
           11. Plumcreek Archery  Dyersville, IA


    Coming Soon To;

      Nevada, Virginia, Indiana, Mississippi, Oregon, Idaho, Washington
     What our customers say
    You guys have made a great effort. The simulator is easy very easy to understand and offers lots of diversity. Read more reviews...


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    I also own one of those simulators. They are genius! Read more reviews...



    Great features


    Fully touchscreen ready

    Advanced users can navigate the interface via touchscreen. Watch video on YouTube:

    Customize training courses

    Create playlists with your  favorite courses to optimize BowSim 4D for different customers or user groups.

    Software and content updates

    Through our smart update technology you receive new training courses and clips every month plus new features when available.  

    For every level of skill

    Adjust the training settings to customize BowSim 4D for all levels of skill. 

    Quality Made in Germany

    BowSim 4D is developed and Made in Germany.

    Our customers rate us 5 star

    Our customers have rated our post purchase service with 5 stars. They love the product and the support.



    The next Archery Innovation that's sure to become the #1 Simulator in America in a Very Short Time!

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