NEW for 2018 3-D TARGETS
$ 450.00

Prong Horn Antelope 3-D Target

Dimensions: 36" (H) x 44" (L) x 13" (D)  Weight: 36 lbs 

Simulated Wt. 150 lbs 

Scoring Rings Available

Broadhead - Crossbows - Field Points - Expandables

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Pacific Bow Butts Targets are well known for Great Durability for 20 years. Our 3-D Target line is no exception. PBB  "NEW AGE" target foam Poly-U 360. Flexible high density, self healing foam providing extreme durability with Great arrow removal. We use it throughout your entire target not just the shoot zone area.   UV Weatherized to prevent premature decay, as well.

 Over time, the multitude of missed shots around typical replacement cores weaken these areas severely that eventually lead to a broken target. Our solution is to supply you with a repair block when the time comes for FREE.  This way you can judge how big of an area needs to be repaired. Essentially extending the life of your target substantially. Your repair block is easy to install with simple instruction and you’ll save $100’s on replaceable cores and a broken target