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Personal Targets

Sharp Shooter 34" x 33" x 12"


Our Sharp Shooter Target measures 34H x 33w x 12. Its lighter weight then its predecessor weighing 90lbs due to our new all weather core material that won't decay. Arrow removal is easy one hand. We designed this for target archers who like to shoot every day. Proven to stop the heaviest hitting Compound Bows and Crossbows. Fieldpoints Only. 25lbs draw wt. and above bow, Any Arrow Shaft. Simply attach your 5 Spot, Vegas 3 Spot targets or any other target face. Last longer than any archery targets the same size you've had in the past. Guaranteed.



Home Range 4x4  and  6x4


Our Home Range 4 x 4 and 6 x 4 is meant for families and individuals who shoot a lot and shoot long distance. This long lasting target backstop feature a high level of durability compared to competitor models in this size. There in a class of their own for value reasoning as well. These 2 models are ideal for indoor and outdoor range use. Frame for each model is 2 x 4 construction with 1/2 plywood.  Covers are woven poly. Shooting face is easily reparied by adding a sheet as needed. Usually once a year.  Simply staples onto frame of backstop. We include a couple sheets with purchase. Arrows extract one handed. Core material will not decay over time.

Micro Shafts exceeding 250 fps not recommended for these models. 



 Youth 42 Traditional   42" x 36" x 6"

Those new to archery who've joined school archery classes or  those who have been inspired from TV show or the movie Hunger Games need this size target. Most newbies are intimidated by small size targets available for practice at camps, schools and archery lessons. For this reason we offer our Youth 42 Traditional. The 42 inch height and 36 inch width makes for confident shooting.  This target will stand alone with abuilt in rod stand. Target area has 16 – 3" diameter target spots with scoring rings on one side and 80 cm target on opposite side.  We include  2 poly all weather NASP 80 CM target faces with purchase. The flat shooting surface allows affixing all styles of target faces. We include12 target face pins   Replaceable woven poly covers are available and easy to install by simply slipping new cover over target similar to a pillowcase. We also include 4 stand anchor pins.

Recommend bow weights 15 – 45 lbs.

This target is Exceptional for Traditional Bows.




PBB Crossbow 20"x18"x12"


We gave the PBB Crossbow its own name even though all our targets are crossbow rated. It's easy to carry with a handle and weighs 25lbs. Measures 20" x 18" x 12". It'll stop lightning fast, big arrow shafts 400+ FPS with the easiest one-hand arrow removal you have ever had. All Weather core material won't decay. Shoot both sides, one with 9 – target spots or opposite side blank for any target face or make your own dots for dead eye shooting. Fieldpoints only using draw wt bows 65lbs and above. Replaceable covers because it’s the only thing that you'll wear out. Last longer than any crossbow targets the same size you've had in the past. Guaranteed.



PBB 400+  26" x 24" x 12"


Our PBB 400+ is as rugged as our Sharp Shooter, but made portable measuring 24" x 26" x 12" and weighs 40 lbs. with easy carry metal handle. Compound and Crossbow rated in excess of 400+ fps. Core consists of our new all weather material that won't decay. Extreme Easy One Hand Arrow Removal. Shoot both sides 3,000 shots of these targets before you need another cover, then keep on shooting. Fieldpoints only using 25lb draw wt. and above. Last longer than any archery targets the same size you've had in the past. Guaranteed.