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#1 Outdoor Range Target for Municipal Ranges!!!
Our Super Butt Target measures 44h x 37w x 15d is a solid one piece unit with 3 core levels. We've added framing on pressed ends to increase integrity of target center and now use 3/4 embossed banding lieu of metal. Our popular 4 quadrants of 5 target spots on woven white poly cover present the professional appeal ranges seek. A flat shooting surface allows affixing all styles of target faces. Public Archery Ranges take a beating, due to high traffic. For this reason we recommend our Super Butt for these venues. In addition, some bowhunters don't abide by rules shooting their broadheads. Therefore, our Super Butt target can withstand broadheads without damaging the integrity of the inner portion of the target, since this model isn't constructed from foam or synthetics. Our Super Butt Target has replaced many excelsior bales on hundreds of ranges throughout the U.S. and Canada in our 14 years with overwhelming satisfaction. 
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