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   PBB 48   48 x 24 x 20  

This Industrial Grade target backstop was specifically developed to meet the demanding needs of club and pro-shop high traffic indoor and outdoor ranges.

Our new PBB 48 has been substantially improved. They fit closer together at corners and edges preventing most gaps when stacked at indoor wall installations. The seam marriage has also been improved dramatically.

We’ve increased the 21” dimension to 24” to better accommodate standard range widths for both vertical and horizontal installations. Additionally, we have added an additional core section to withstand the increased kinetic energy of modern equipment.


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All of our targets feature Handmade Quality, Unmatched Durability, and are 99% Biodegradable.



We recommend that all ranges install backstops on moveable carts or pallets. Movable backstops simplify both diversified range use and unit rotating.  

PBB 48 system can be installed vertical or horizontal.  Most ranges install horizontal stacking  3 butts high and securing to platform cart with 3” ratchet strap.  Rotate each segment once a year top to bottom and moveable carts - middle of range backstops to the outside and outer backstops to the middle.


We have 100's repeat ranges who have used our products from 3 - 10 years.  We've proven too them that we save them maintenace time and replacement costs due to our unique durabilty.


 We'll do the same for your range.   sales@pbbts.com

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Indoor Ranges


It’s a "New Era" for Pacific Bow Butts. 


Introducing our  "New" Indoor Range sizes and design.


Pacific Bow Butts  48 x 48 x 16 (4 x 4)   &   48 x 72 x 16  (4 x 6).


Our New design for indoor range backstops has a unique inner core material that will not shred, decay or ball up even after tens of thousands of shots in a square foot area. Arrows extract effortlessly.  Each 4 x 4 block is repairable only needing a new shooting face once a year for each side. We supply first year replacement with order. Repair takes less than 15 minutes.  Each shooting face includes Velcro edges that simply attaches over used shooting face, to each 4 x 4 or 4 x 6 block backstop .  Saves 100's of dollars in replacement costs compared to other indoor range systems that defy durability.


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Toll Free 1-877-642-4989   or   Email:  sales@pbbts.com