I purchased a Sharpe Shooter Target over a year ago and I'd say it's had 30,000+ shots into it and then some. It still holds any arrow that I shoot without any peaking out the back.  You need to know that there are days when I shoot 300 or more arrows, sometimes 500.  I shoot wood, aluminum and carbon arrows from traditional to compound bows. This is the only target that can handle this type of punishment  and its not done by any means. 

Finally!  A target that you don't have to worry about shooting out. If you like shooting your bow as much as I do, or would like too, then you need one of these targets.

Irvin Prough   North Dakota


14 Years! That's how many years of proven performance we've provided with our personal archery targets, outdoor archery backstop and indoor archery backstops. Our products have significantly saved hundreds of archery organizations and municipal ranges nationally and internationally in replacement and initial expense from there previously used archery range backstops. Same goes for individual bowhunters and archers alike.

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Forever changing, is fact. Numerous bow and arrow companies' constant new technologies have demanded the utmost energy from us to withstand this constant change. Countless Bow draw weights and arrow sizes have created an overwhelming void in durability for each category of archery. Especially for crossbow targets.  Many other archery targets available in today's market place do not meet customers' expectations in durability performance cost ratios as does Pacific Bow Butts. Some of these archery target types may be repairable, but initial costs are expensive as are their repair components.


We at Pacific Bow Butts are filling this void by manufacturing archery targets that specifically meet your bow style of shooting set up. If you have a fast bow with heavy hitting arrows or youth bow for school or after school archery programs with low draw weight or anything in between. Click the following link, so we can build your specific target and we will guarantee it's the BEST archery target that you've ever had.  


If you're an archery pro shop range, club or organization that is spending too much replacing your archery backstops. Let us help you start saving with our unique durability for high traffic ranges? Remember!! Our 14 years of proven performance will save you significantly as other archers, bowhunters and pro shops have.